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40 Under 40, Richard

Erik Richard, 35 CEO, Landmark Network Inc. Erik Richard, founder and CEO of Landmark Network Inc., has grown the Sherman Oaks-based appraisal management and lender compliance firm to nearly $7 million in sales this year. “The job market during the past few years has been quite difficult,” said Richard, 35. “During this same period my company has experienced record year-to-year growth. Being able to hire people has been very personally rewarding.” Richard grew up in a small town in Maine and never completed high school, however his innate business acumen has led him to hold positions including vice president of operations for developer La Jolla Development Group, CEO of San Marcos-based Citizen’s Development Corp., and CFO of One Reverse Mortgage, before founding Landmark in 2007. Richard says the key to his success has been developing relationships. “I never try to sell services,” Richard said. “I develop and foster relationships. Helping others achieve their goals and success has brought me many long term relationships and has almost always returned business my way.” Professionals should realize early that every person they meet can be critical to future success. “Be resourceful, and that includes tracking everyone you meet personally,” Richard said. “Try to never burn a bridge. All relationships – even that boss you absolutely hated or an annoying coworker, though you may not know it at the time, may become important in the future.”

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