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CSUN Alum’s Book Boosts Brain Power

After graduating from California State University – Northridge in 1998, Olympia LePoint was hired as a mathematician for Boeing Co., where she helped NASA launch 28 space missions. The former rocket scientist’s latest book is titled “Answers Unleashed: The Science of Unleashing Your Brain’s Power.” She credits working with NASA in helping her come up with her new structure on the brain called the Traibrain Theory of Relativity. The theory involves a three-sided brain process that helps reshape the brain and ultimately change a person’s life. The three sides are the left, right and a new side she calls the “faith sector.” The left side consists of logic and scientific thinking; the right side focuses on feelings, creativity and expressive thoughts, while the faith side deals with how the brain is able to connect. LePoint’s first tip for business managers is to envision their business before it’s created, including the market, business model and services or products the company would likely provide. The second tip deals with how executives can turn their fear into passion. “Any type of successful business owner is able to take any type of self-doubt and turn it into the drive to succeed,” she told the Business Journal. “In order to become a business owner, you must be willing to work when no one is paying you, be willing to invest in your own products before anyone else does and sometimes there is fear associated with branching out and doing this on your own without having a safety net.” While business owners are taught to think money is the most important resource, LePoint said time is a major overlooked resource. “Answers Unleashed” costs $39.99 online. – Stephanie Bedolla

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