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Hearing System Approved for Valencia Company

Advanced Bionics in Valencia, in collaboration with fellow Sonova Group subsidiary Phonak, on Thursday announced it has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration to market its cochlear implant technology platform.The technology suite, called Marvel, offers cochlear implant sound processors for adults and children; a smartphone app for adjustments to the processor; hearing aids for those with severe hearing loss in both ears; and software to help hearing care professionals program cochlear implants, the company said in a statement.Sound processors for cochlear implants are fitted behind the ear, capturing sound signals and sending them to an implanted receiver which bypasses inner-ear damage. Hearing aids, by contrast, simply amplify sound. Dr. Victoria Carr-Brendel, president of Advanced Bionics and group vice president of Sonova Group, said the new products, “are going to be game changers for the cochlear implant industry, revolutionizing the way our wearers can expect to hear with their cochlear implant systems, and the way their hearing care providers fit them.“This is one of the most important and impressive product launches Advanced Bionics has ever had,” she added.Swiss hearing care company Sonova bought the Valencia company, one of late billionaire inventor Al Mann’s medical device creations, in 2009 for $489 million.

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