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Hollywood Math

Show Biz – the land of creative accounting, where billion-dollar movies can look like money losers on the backend. Now imagine this: in the last decade “Hollywood accounting” has gotten even trickier as production has moved out of California to take advantage of tax and other incentives. Then, there’s the whole digital revolution, with productions designed for Internet distribution made on shoestring budgets. Valley accountants who cater to the entertainment industry have had to adapt by learning new skills and entering new niches. At the top of the industry, large global accounting firms have harnessed new information technology to help forecast and track revenues. Among smaller Valley firms, RSO Advisors has developed a personal management practice. R.C. Baral & Co. has trained its staff to handle the complexities of state tax credits. And Miller Kaplan Arase has worked to create “a one-stop shop” for entertainment-related accounting services. It’s all part of the Business Journal’s special report on the New Math in Hollywood. Also in this section: The New World of Hollywood Accounting. PAGE 12 Q&A: Robert Oberstein. PAGE 14 Profiles: R.C. Baral & Co. Miller Kaplan Arase. PAGE 16

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