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Lief Labs

Lief LabsHeadquarters: ValenciaCEO: Adel VillalobosBusiness: Vitamin & supplement manufacturer2019 Revenue: $60 millionNotable: Has capacity to make 5 million pills a day.Growth: 140%Lief Organics, doing business as Lief Labs, has bulked up its industrial muscles during the pandemic.The Valencia company, which manufactures vitamins and dietary supplements for health brands, recently told the Business Journal its sales have grown 70 percent this year compared to 2019. That’s on top of its run-up of 140 percent from 2017 to 2019.On the ground, the company has grown also. It leased 40 percent of a 52,000-square-foot industrial building in IAC Commerce Center at 28790 Chase Place to handle new sales. That’s in addition to its 112,000-square-foot headquarters at 28903 Avenue Paine, which it leased in October 2018. It has also hired about 60 new people.Lief can manufacture more than 5 million pills a day.Chief Executive Adel Villalobos said that in the early days of the pandemic, his output skewed toward immune support tablets, but that was replaced with weight loss pills once doctors said being overweight was a big risk factor for COVID.“Weight loss products are some of the top growth categories,” said Villalobos. “Consumers have always known that being healthy is a good way to prolong life, but they didn’t realize that being unhealthy could have such a negative impact with a disease; that grew the industry.”Villalobos has worked to expand the company’s technology. A new ERP system, or enterprise resource planning software, promises to make the company more efficient.Lief staff are programming the system to sift through data quickly, Villalobos said, and also trying blockchain so information flows safely within the supply chain. – Amy Stulick

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