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Live Theater, Tech Blend in ‘Pacific Rim’

Legacy Entertainment produced the new “Pacific Rim: Shatterdome Strike” attraction at the soon-to-open Trans Studio Cibubur theme park in Jakarta, Indonesia. The North Hollywood entertainment design firm worked with Lay-Carnagey Entertainment on the ride based on the motion picture franchise from Legendary Entertainment in Burbank. Billed as the world’s first immersive theater dark ride, “Pacific Rim” blends a ride experience with elements of live theater, immersive environments and motion-based ride technology. Eric Carnagey, executive producer at Legacy Entertainment, said that Trans Studio challenged the company to come up with a dark ride experience unlike any other. “The result is one of the most unique theme park experiences in the industry today,” Carnagey said in a statement. “No matter what park guests have seen before, they’ll be shocked by what we have in store for them at Pacific Rim: Shatterdome Strike.” The ride encompasses four parts that take about 20 minutes to complete. The attraction starts at the launch ceremony for the Pan Pacific Defense Corp.’s Mark VII Jaeger, or mechanical suit, called the Storm Garuda. Guests will pilot the most advanced mobile weapon in the Pan Pacific fleet through a combination of 3D film sequences, practical effects and ride vehicle technology. Legendary’s “Pacific Rim” franchise launched in 2013 with Guillermo del Toro’s original film and traces human’s ongoing war against Kaiju, or giant monsters. This threat can only be fought by the bravest humans that level the battlefield using powerful mechs to defend Earth’s existence. The film series has grossed more than $700 million at the global box office and has branched out into several comic book series and an anime series to debut on Netflix next year. The “Shatterdome Strike” attraction expands the mythology of the film series by introducing new mechanical suits and monsters to the growing universe. Trans Studio worked closely with Legendary Entertainment to ensure all the new story elements, technology and creatures would fit into the “Pacific Rim” canon. Drew Von Bergen, manager of franchise management at Legendary, said the company was delighted to collaborate with Trans Studio on the “Pacific Rim” ride. “Their commitment to both creative ambition and quality of execution has made for an experience that we believe will thrill and delight parkgoers,” Von Bergen said in a statement. Legacy Entertainment was led in its efforts by Taylor Jeffs, Chris Moschella and writer/creative director Lee Roe. Roger Lay Jr., of Lay-Carnagey Entertainment, directed the 3D film portion of the ride. Lay-Carnagey directed and produced the attraction’s media components. Legacy Entertainment was founded in 2002 and has developed, designed and produced more than 40 successful projects worldwide, including theme parks, resorts, casinos and aquariums. It’s most recently completed project is Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, a 73-acre theme park, which cost $795 million and features seven main pavilions.

Mark Madler
Mark Madler
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