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Pedram Tehranizadeh: 20 in Their 20s (Young & Prosperous)

Owner HeadQuarters Clothing, Sherman Oaks Age: 25 HeadQuarters Clothing has gained traction in the fashion market from recommendations from sports and entertainment celebrities, including former MBA star Grant Hills, wrestler Kurt Angle and actor Affion Crockett. Positive statements printed on the clothes “inspire others to reach for greatness,” said Tehranizadeh, a graduate of California State University – Northridge. Celebrity Recruitment: I’ve recruited celebrities in a variety of ways. I’ve been very fortunate to meet some in person and have had the chance to speak to them about the brand. In addition, I’ve used social media as a tool to reach out to them, their stylists or managers. Ultimately, many celebrities have said that they’ve been offered merchandise countless times so creating a product that’s meaningful to them is vital and I’ve been fortunate to do that with HeadQuarters Clothing. The brand’s message of striving for greatness resonates with them. Motivation to Start Company: When I was in college, I saw this idea of starting a business and it was very appealing – working for yourself, making your own hours. I wanted that lifestyle. I thought of a couple business ideas including a restaurant, a hookah lounge and a clothing brand. Of course, I didn’t have the money for anything except a clothing brand. Most Interesting Aspect of Job:  The learning that occurs. It was just a few years ago I dreamt of starting my own business and now I understand the dynamics of business I never knew existed. This keeps me on my toes every day – learning something new then applying it. Personality on the Job: I have a “never give up” attitude. I’ve learned that the key to success is patience and persistence; the patience to work even when you’re getting no return and the persistence to work no matter what obstacles are thrown at you. Through my experiences, I have seen that the more times than not, the most successful individuals aren’t always the smartest or most gifted, they are just the people that never gave up. Most Memorable Experience: Giving a speech at the entrepreneurship program at my old university, CSUN. My main goal is to inspire others and I’m excited that the brand’s success has enabled me to do that. How This Generation is Different: Our generation is much different than previous ones because of social media. The ability to reach the whole world with a click of a button is mind-blowing. This creates a world of opportunity; however, it also creates a world of competition. This forces many individuals to become more equipped and more strategic when growing their business. Entrepreneurial Advice: You can only be the best at what you’re passionate about. There is no plan B for passion. Biggest Challenge Starting a Business:  I had no mentor or anyone around me that had any experience in the apparel industry. The fear of the unknown is always the hardest to overcome. I always live by the quote “More dreams are lost to fear than to failure.” That quote alone sums up how I overcame this challenge. At the end of the day, we are all human and if someone else has done something, why can’t you?

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