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Semtech Gets Personal With a Sensor Line

Semtech Corp. announced last month a new line of sensors for the personal connected consumer device market. 

The PerSe product line from the Camarillo semiconductor and Internet-of-Things products manufacturer consists of three core products – PerSe Connect, PerSe Connect Pro and PerSe Control – that can automatically sense human presence. 

By leveraging the PerSe technology, consumer electronics manufacturers can deliver high-quality connectivity in 5G while also helping to ensure compliance with the worldwide Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) regulations, keeping consumers connected and safe, Semtech said in a release. 

The Specific Absorption Rate is the measure of radio frequency energy that is absorbed by the human body when in close proximity to a connected device, the company said. 

According to a 2014 study by four scientists from Malaysia published in the Journal of Applied Research and Technology, the highest absorption of radiation is at the head; mainly over the area of the frontal lobe and side of the brain which is the usual placement of a mobile phone among users. 

“Since the brain is one of the conductive parts of the body, the radiation was more susceptible to be absorbed in this region,” the study’s abstract said.

David Wong, senior director of consumer sensing products for Semtech’s wireless and sensing products group, said that the company has more than a decade of market-leading sensor technology experience. 

Semtech staff work closely with the industry’s top consumer electronics manufacturers developing and implements its sensors to deliver connectivity and provide an automated user experience, while complying with SAR regulations, Wong said. 

“Today’s launch further underscores our commitment and leadership in the personal connected consumer device market,” Wong added in a statement. “PerSe sensors deliver an unmatched consumer experience through device performance, regulatory compliance, user safety, and business impact.”

The PerSe portfolio includes: PerSe Connect which enhances connectivity for smartphones and laptops. The sensors help to maintain SAR compliance while delivering a fast wireless experience on the devices, Semtech said in its release;

PerSe Connect Pro, a first of its kind sensor to provide ultra-high sensing performance for 5G devices in smartphones, laptops and tablets. The sensor enables higher sensing distance to safely manage the increased radio frequency exposure; and PerSe Control, which allows for smarter control in wearable devices to improve user experience. The sensor enables human detection, automatic on/off and start/stop response, according to the Semtech release. 

Joe Hoffman, director of intelligent edge and sensor technologies research at SAR Insight & Consulting, a U.K.-based consultancy and market research firm, said that smart devices need smart sensors to rise above the competition. 

“Smart sensors, such as the PerSe portfolio from Semtech, can differentiate between humans and inanimate objects, including handheld positions,” Hoffman said in a statement. “This advanced sensing capability is essential for mobiles, wearables and 5G devices to deliver a superior user experience.”


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