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Top Female Entrepreneurs: Jave Tripp

Jave Tripp Chief Executive J-n-K Services Inc., North Hollywood Founded 1988 Jave Tripp was born in Mexico City and moved to El Paso, Texas at age 12. After earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas – Austin, she went to work for a Chatsworth company. She quit to start J-n-K, a printing and graphic design firm, nearly 20 years ago. In her spare time, she loves to attend concerts, Los Angeles Kings games and other sporting events. She’s married with a daughter who attends California State University – Northridge. Why start a business? I was working for a medical instruments company that was being run by mostly men. I was young and female. I was not getting the respect I thought I deserved so I quit my job and started J-n-K Services in 1988. How did you build it? I started with my neighbors, typesetting their resumes. Then I called many printing companies in the San Fernando Valley and it all began to grow. Our biggest challenge was surviving the recession in 2008. We had just finished moving and buying a building when the recession started. We had to make huge adjustments in the way we ran our company. A big thank you goes to our employees who are still with us today for making the necessary adjustments in order to keep us afloat. Would you do it again? Absolutely! How being a woman helped you: I like to be able to say I am a certified minority business and 100 percent woman-owned. I get a lot of jobs by putting that on my website. Challenges of being a woman in business: None that I know of. Hardest day: Not being able to deliver what I promised to a client. Best day: Every day I get a new client is my best day. Best business advice you ever received: No one has ever died from not having business cards! Advice for aspiring female business owners: Breathe! Thrive! Grow! Treat everyone with respect!

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