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Wildcat Acquisition Brings Roster of New Major Clients

In an acquisition that could double its yearly revenues and number of employees, Agoura Hills-based Wildcat Communications Group has purchased Arizona-based K & B; Electronics, for an undisclosed amount. In addition to the increased revenues, Wildcat will pick up major clients including the United States Army, the United States Air Force and Amazon.com. According to Wildcat’s president David Bleeden, the acquisition will greatly enhance Wildcat’s existing offerings and help to make it a major player in its space. Wildcat controls a variety of targeted websites such as www.cellular-blowout.com, a sit that sells wireless and electronic products. “K & B; had a great catalogue and a lot of excellent technology products centered around mobile electronics,” Bleeden said. “It’s our goal to offer the best selection of mobile products and peripheral products and the purchase allows us to do that and stay on the cutting edge. After the K & B; purchase, we really believe that we have the largest mobile product catalogue in the world.” Ever optimistic about the future of the industry, Bleeden believes that wireless mobile products will one day be the computers of the future. Currently, he is trying to position the company to be ready if his hypothesis indeed comes true. But he is not alone in praising the growth prospects of the space. Bill Hughes, the principal analyst on wireless devices for In-Stat, also believes the future is bright for the industry. “This industry is very dynamic and it’s evolving very rapidly,” Hughes said. “It remains a huge growth industry. Our forecasts have it growing seven percent each year, which is down from the 30 percent growth it was experiencing a year ago. Nonetheless, it is still very impressive yearly growth.” And Wildcat has every intention of taking advantage of the strong growth prospects in the wireless market. Though papers have yet to be filed, Bleeden plans to take the company public within the next 18 months. “We’re looking at different options right now, whether we may reverse into a public company or otherwise, we think that going public would give us the power to make more acquisitions,” Bleeden said. “It’s something we’ve been looking at for a while. Similar companies in our space are getting some good valuations as public entities. Valuations of up to 20 and 30 times their earnings. As the industry consolidates, we plan on remaining a leader.” The K & B; acquisition allows Wildcat to pick up another 7,000 products in its catalogue, bringing its grand total to approximately 20,000 products. Additionally, it will allow it to integrate its wholesale division, which will let it cross-sell a variety of electronic products. “The business is changing and people aren’t sure they are where they want to be. We’re a great aggregator. We’re a one stop shop that sells everything from software for phones and data transfer kits and Bluetooth, to novelty items like phone cases, or flashing stuff,” Bleeden said. “While other people are just trying to find out where they need to be, it’s our goal to build a platform company whereby we can go and make a lot of cheap acquisitions.”

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