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With budgets tight, this Halloween it’s time to get creative

Carl Soto lives for Halloween. The Port Hueneme resident wears his thrill for the unearthly on his finger , a skull ring. On the walls of his garage, there is a menagerie of spooky outfits and gory props from old horror movies. More than anything else, weirdly concocted costumes get Soto’s blood pumping. He is a special type of artist. When he looks at an old sofa, he envisions a monster made of cushions. When he looks at a pile of brown paper bags, he sees a rotten-tree man. Soto said he believes that nothing captures the spirit of All Hallows Eve quite like making your own costume. More people might be following Soto’s lead this year because of the economic meltdown that might make the $24 average price for a costume look downright frightening. For full story visit: http://www.venturacountystar.com/news/2008/oct/18/ld1fccostume18/

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