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Women Must Take Healthy Time for Themselves

My grandfather used to say that a girl needs time for herself. Girls have things they need to do. Today it is a frenzy to find time for “girls,” females, women to take time for themselves. European women have facials and massages beginning in their early teens. We, in America think it is a luxury we don’t deserve. The climate is changing, however and women are now realizing that the special time they spend “doing what they do” is vital to a well rounded life. It’s not about being skinny or looking like those anemic 12 year olds on the covers of the fashion magazines. It’s about HEALTH. We know we need to work out. We know we need to exercise to keep the blood flowing and the brain alert. We know we need some quiet time in a Yoga class or stretch in Pilates. We know our skin is subjected to pollution and dangerous sun rays and needs to be cared for to prevent early aging signs. We know that a massage is the best, ancient conditioning to keep muscles strong and the body in a stress reduced state. The best gyms and day spas, such as Total Woman, know all that too. We need a place where a girl can be a girl. Remember gym class in school? We are running so fast today, an instant world. The human body doesn’t do “instant.” It takes consistency. It takes a mind set to take better care of ourselves. Time to slow the pace, take that sacred time for yourself. That is Real Life. Before computers, faster and faster modems, more megabytes than we can handle, there were just people, human beings. The body and mind are always better when activated regularly. Important news flash, take care of the human first, give it some time to just be. Stop running for a few hours a week. Don’t forget beautiful you. You are important and a gift to this world. Take special care of that gift. Women today need to remember that when we take care of us first, everyone benefits. All our responsibilities fall into place and somehow they all get done. When we take care of us first they all get done without feeling overwhelmed. Life has a purpose and an order. The “order” starts with each of us first. We count. Everything else will still be there to take care of only now it will be done with health and happiness. That’s a fact. We don’t have to be perfect either, just be who we are, do whatever aerobic exercises feel right for you, or just do part of a class, don’t overwhelm yourself thinking you need to do everything. More pressure is not the answer. It’s about feeling good and being strong so we can handle those everyday chores. Relaxing is a part of it too. That is why Yoga is so wonderful. Breathing properly also sends oxygen to the brain so we can think more clearly. You are in there, in your body, you are the only one that can take good care of you. Adrienne Stone is with Total Woman Gym and Day Spa.

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