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Women’s Health

Seek Out the Ultimate Womens’ Health Spa Imagine walking through a door, leaving the stress and strain of a typical day behind you and entering a world where everything exists for your comfort, your needs, your satisfaction. That’s the world you should discover at a health spa. It’s a world much different than the ordinary health club concept but why settle for anything less? They may be few and far between, but the best Valley-based gym and day spa combinations have everything under one roof — from the latest, state-of-the-art equipment to a wide variety of ways a woman can pamper and indulge herself. The best women’s spas also feature training, classes and ambiance and design that help give the feel of a “special place.” To get motivated, immerse yourself in a healthy environment, or simply go for a head-to-toe pampering, it is essential that the place not have the feel of a sweaty, run-in-the-mill gym. Total Woman Gym and Day Spa is one example of such a “special place.” Art Stone, founder and CEO of Total Woman and his team have taken ideas from all over the world and have worked to combine them into an affordable spa. “We’ve aimed for the feel of a vacation spa,” he said, “and that’s essentially what it is. It’s really a getaway. It’s a place where you can reduce stress, anxiety and worry and feel wonderful. Where you can indulge yourself and feel good about it.” “What’s the reward?” Let’s face it the real reason we all go to the gym is to work out. But after an exhausting exercise routine, what comes next? After a workout, one of the best things you can possibly do is give yourself the gift of a facial or massage or body treatment, a steam or a sauna or to relax in the whirlpool, talk to friends, appreciate yourself and the fact that, there, at health spa you have carefully selected and feel comfortable with, you are doing something special for yourself on a regular basis. A special place. Stone explains that in today’s world, especially, women need to relax, to pamper their souls, to give themselves a spa getaway. Simply put, “women need a special place.” And in the best day spas, women really feel a sense of belonging, not just to a club, but to a culture of self-respect and self-esteem for women, managed by women and for the total enjoyment of women. “Our gym and day spas take the classic Roman spas or the treatment Cleopatra got and make it accessible to women today. We call it affordable luxury. But if Cleopatra saw our new Northridge facility, believe me, she’d feel right at home.” Inside and out. Since women are living longer today, they need exercise and body treatments that will truly enhance their lives both inside and outside. The best spas today offer an ever-expanding range of classes seven days a week including yoga, boxing, aerobics and specialty classes. A select few gyms and day spas also offer Pilates with amazing results. And of course, the gyms which offer baby-sitting should be given additional consideration. Information for this article was provided by Total Woman Private Gym & Day Spa.

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