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Is There A Union In Your Company's Future?


EMPLOYMENT LAW Column by Richard Rosenberg

No Protection For Employees Who Disclose Wrongdoing to the Media


A federal appeals court has ruled that the anti-retaliation provision found in the corporate governance law known as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (“SOX”) does not protect employees who disclose potential legal violations to the media.

California Wage Laws May Apply to Non-Resident Workers

lABOR: Supreme Court ruling found wage and hour rules extend to visiting workers.

EMPLOYMENT LAW - Visiting workers subject to state wage and hour laws

Supreme Court Wal-Mart Ruling Good News To Employers

LAW: Decision limits ability for employees to bring class action suits against large firms.

EMPLOYMENT LAW Column by Richard Rosenberg

U.S. Supreme Court OKs Class Action Waivers in Arbitration

LAW: Landmark ruling may apply to companies who enter into employment arbitration.

Supreme Court approves class action waivers. EMPLOYMENT LAW Column by Richard Rosenberg.

On the Road to the End of the World

Kaleidoscope: Our Changing Valley

405 closure won’t be pretty. Column by Martin M. Cooper

Court Dramatically Expands Illegal Retaliation Concept

WORKPLACE: Decisions make it easier for employees to sue their companies.

EMPLOYMENT LAW Column by Richard Rosenberg

Court’s E-Mail Ruling on Privacy Good for Companies

WORKPLACE: If policy is spelled out, employees should not expect confidentiality.

EMPLOYMENT LAW: Employers log win on worker e-mails

New Paid Organ and Bone Marrow Donation Leave

Act: New entitlement is in addition to existing family and medical leave laws on the books.

EMPLOYMENT LAW Column by Richard Rosenberg

Is There A Union In Your Future (Part III): Quiet Change

RULES: While gridlock stalls Congress, Obama moves his agenda through agencies.

President Obama’s new labor law reforms spell trouble for companies who wish to maintain a non-union status. EMPLOYMENT LAW COLUMN by Richard Rosenberg.

Proposition 19 Presents Many Challenges For Employers

WORKPLACE: Deciding whether to follow marijuana law just one hurdle awaiting firms.

EMPLOYMENT LAW: When Californian’s go to the polls on November 2nd, one of the measures on the ballot will be Proposition 19.

Unpaid Internships: A Trap For The Unwary Employer

WORKPLACE: Government views some arrangements as evading labor law compliance.

EMPLOYMENT LAW Column. In an increasingly tight labor market, unpaid internships any time of the year are seen by some as a good way to get a foot in the door for a future employment opportunity.

Accommodation Discussions Need Clear Guidelines

Law: Recent case tests limits of the obligation of employers to meet mandate of disability laws.

EMPLOYMENT LAW Column by Richard Rosenberg

New Mandatory Posting for Government Contractors

LABOR: This is first time employers have had to place notice.

EMPLOYMENT LAW Column by Richard Rosenberg

Employers Responsible For Employee Online Behavior


Recently issued federal regulations provide that business owners can be held liable for what their employees say in cyberspace

Federal Health Care Law Gives Nursing Mothers a Break

Employers: Shielded, separate room must be provided.

EMPLOYMENT LAW column by Richard Rosenberg

Why Most Non-Compete Pacts Are Unenforceable in California

EMPLOYMENT LAW Column by Richard Rosenberg. Employee non-compete clauses