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Capri Sun? Not Inside This Pouch.

Some people drink wine by the bottle, some by the pouch. Pouch? That’s the new concept from Miravante Brands LLC, a brand development company in Moorpark with 10 employees working to bring new products to the spirits sector. The company has developed Nuvino, a line of disposable pouches filled with premium imported wine. Nuvino will launch at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America convention in Las Vegas on April 8. “It allows you to take wines to places where you would otherwise not be able to take it, anywhere you don’t want glass or a cork – concerts, movies, the beach, sporting events and many other places,” said Miravante President Jason Carignan. Nuvino was inspired by Carignan’s previous product Vapur, a foldable, reusable water bottle that has been sold nationally and in more than 20 countries. “I noticed a lot of Vapur customers using their products for wine,” he said. The Nuvino pouches are break resistant, re-sealable and concealable. The plastic-like material is recyclable and contains no BPA, a plastic ingredient that some health advocates claim is linked to cancer. Carignan spent nine months sampling more than 150 wines before selecting four to go inside the pouches, including a Malbec from Argentina and Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. Each pouch with 187 milliliters of wine will sell for $4.49 at retail. However, while the pouch may attract impulse buyers, wine connoisseurs will concentrate on the taste inside. “Our customers are more traditional and look for quality and taste,” said Robert Ridas, manager at Vendome Wine & Spirits in North Hollywood. “We need to know if the wine is good or not good and then we’ll look at the functionality.” – John Saringo-Rodriguez

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