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Model Millennials

Ever wonder what is the secret sauce for success? Well, it turns out that there are as many recipes as their are successful people. It’s not like that Coca-Cola recipe locked away in a vault. And in this special report, we have a baker’s dozen who seemed to have figured out the ingredients at an age when most of us were just struggling through our first or second job. They are what we are calling Model Millennials, exemplary members of the generation who were born starting in the early 1980s, give or take a few years. Consider Jordan Landes-Brenman and Kelly Kepner, both 30, above. So they are in public relations and marketing, and don’t literally have a secret sauce – though they have figured out how to run a successful agency. But there are others profiled who actually have figured out the ingredients. Antony Donico, 24, who is pictured on the front page, has a successful juice business. And Lindsey Deitsch, 28, runs a wholesale manufacturer of gluten-free baked goods. It’s all pretty yummy. So why not just dig in. Profiles: Alan Campos Jordan Chien Taylor Chien Lindsey Deitsch Antony Donico Brandon Florian Kelly Kepner Jason Lau Jordan Landes-Brenman Troy Pollet Dimitry Slabyak Matthew Smith Frank Tesoro

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