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Dimitry Slabyak

Dimitry Slabyak, 29 Founder, chief executive EchoTech Group Inc. Woodland Hills Creates websites, mobile apps and custom software. Also provides marketing services focusing on search-engine optimization and social media. Founded: 2011 Employees: 5 to 15, plus independent contractors, depending on the project Financials: Did not disclose Dimitry Slabyak wants to be in control of everything. The 29-year-old has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, which makes it difficult for him to be an employee. As a result, he founded EchoTech Group Inc. in 2011. “Running a business is like a chess game where every move needs to be strategically thought-out and every risk managed,” he said. His firm is a software and web development company, working with business-to-business and consumer clients to create websites, mobile apps and more. EchoTech also works with other companies to reach a larger audience through search engine optimization and social media. American Youth Hostels Inc., a non-profit operator of 50 hostels, is a new client. Slabyak decided to start his firm after spending two years as a product manager and developer for a mid-size web development company. He said the experience taught him the skills to manage and develop products and services for various clients. He began to develop a business plan that would lead to the founding of EchoTech Group. He and his partner each invested about $10,000. Starting the business reminded him a lot of being a new father. Much like that time, he was constantly dealing with both overwhelming excitement and fear. And like all new businesses, cash flow is a constant stress. “To give you an idea of just how limited the resources were in the beginning, we were running this operation out of my partner’s home,” he said. Now, business has picked up and the company has an office in Woodland Hills and up to 15 employees on some projects. Slabyak went to college with the intention of pursuing a degree in computer information systems, but dropped out to go into the real estate business before starting EchoTech. He got married to his wife Zoya Slabyak in 2008 and had his first child a year later. When he’s not working on his budding business, Slabyak plays the guitar. He said it’s important for him to set aside time to practice every day, finding it a calming experience. And though some may think being a Millennial could be a disadvantage in business, Slabyak disagrees. Instead, he said the challenge is getting everyone else to keep up. “The biggest disadvantage is dealing with the changes required of established organizations to take a leap into the latest technologies,” he said. – Elliot Golan

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