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Networking Masters Found High-Level Connections

Parham Nabatian and Kayvan Mott have entrenched themselves in the San Fernando Valley business community. Their marketing company, Infinite Communications, has been retained to do work for the Valley Economic Alliance and the Valley Economic Development Center, and Nabatian and Mott are known for having volunteered their time and ideas to the organizations. Mott also serves as a co-chair of communications for the United Chambers of Commerce of the San Fernando Valley. Their connection makes sense considering that the company co-owners specialize in reaching out and obtaining visibility, and also considering that they are housed in the same building as the Valley’s powerhouse economic development and advocacy groups. However, Nabatian and Mott – two of three owners in of the company – have used more than just what they learned in college to get where they are now. They have utilized the advice of various mentors along the way. Marty Cooper, president of Cooper Communications Inc. and vice chairman of the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley, was one of those mentors. While he knew Nabatian and Mott through a family member of Mott’s, it wasn’t until the pair attended one of Cooper’s UCLA Extension marketing classes that he got to know them. “They’re like a couple of little sponges and those are the people you want to help,” Cooper said. “They’re enthusiastic about learning and putting into practice that which they’ve learned.” From there, he brought Nabatian into the Boys and Girls Club of the West Valley as an intern to work on the organization’s newsletter. Through the position, Nabatian was able to participate in the group’s marketing committee meetings, brainstorming with Valley business leaders. In June 2008, Nabatian decided to start his own marketing business and used some space in the Los Angeles office of a family friend, Emanuel Separzadeh who owned Trimax Capital Group. Separzadeh guided Nabatian on the technicalities of running a business. When it came time to move into his own office, Nabatian took Cooper’s advice and pursued space in the Sherman Oaks building where the Alliance, the VEDC, the Valley Industry and Commerce Association and the United Chambers of Commerce of the San Fernando Valley are located. In January 2009, Nabatian and his other business partner, Ali Soufi, rented a small space in the building. Mott, who had helped Nabatian start Infinite Communications, had left for awhile to explore other career options but returned a month after the move. New opportunities Being located at the site opened a new realm of opportunities for Nabatian and Mott. “It was really cool that we got to see Bruce (Ackerman), someone that people had to work their calendar to meet with him,” Nabatian said of the Alliance’s former president and CEO. “We got to just see him grabbing coffee and grab him for 10 minutes and talk to him. I ran business ideas by him and he’d give me his quick feedback.” The two young entrepreneurs and their third partner made marketing presentations for the groups and became active in their events. After that, the job offers started coming. Infinite Communications was eventually hired by the VEDC to visit its downtown Los Angeles office to consult retail businesses in using social media and Internet marketing. Within the past month, the company was also hired by the Alliance to work on the design of its newsletter, the design of its Web site header and on an online master business calendar that combines its events with its partner business organizations. Harvey Berg, vice chair of the Alliance, said what sets Nabatian and Mott apart are both their willingness to reach out and help, as well as their level of skill. “They understand marketing, and they saw us as having a marketing initiative and put one together,” Berg said. “I think we’ve just been lucky in the context of their fortuitously moving in here and having the skill set that they have so that we’ve been able to mutually use it to everybody’s advantage.” Infinite Communications has clients in a variety of industries and has been particularly active in the medical industry, working with physicians to help them build their online presence. It has also produced marketing products for Grammy award-winning singer James Ingram and Emmy award-winner filmmaker Martin Kent. One of Nabatian and Mott’s goals is for the company to reach about 300 percent revenue growth this year over 2010 revenues. The company already saw similar growth between 2009 and 2010. Networking tactics Nabatian and Mott have collected advice from various mentors – professors, other professionals and even authors – and have learned to put it to use. Mott said some of the things he’s learned is to always compliment those you admire, which has the potential of starting dialogue and relationships. He also learned that you often need to give in order to receive. “We’ll give them something so they’ll be open,” Mott said, adding that he and Nabatian often share their marketing ideas with people. “You’re adding currency to the relationship.” Nabatian said he’s learned to be active in the community and to take action. “Be an initiator,” he aid. “You’ve got to go to people. You’ve got to get involved in what you want, what you feel you have a personal passion for, and be yourself. … Don’t be afraid to ask people to go to lunch with you because you think they’re too busy.”

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