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IT Firms Rise to Challenges

Surrex Solutions Corp. snagged the top spot in the IT Consulting Firms List with reported revenues of $26 million, but not without facing some challenges. Michael Ellis, executive vice president of Surrex Solutions Corp. and president of Surrex Consulting, the El Segundo-based firm that specializes in hiring, said clients are taking a bit longer with the hiring process. “Within the IT world, clients are looking for the perfect candidate,” he said. “In the past, it has been interview and hire.” As the market turns for the better, Surrex will continue implementing its “client intimate” approach in pursuing clients, Ellis said. “We get intimate with understanding the hiring managers’ needs and consulting the candidates’ needs,” he said. PCC Network Solutions in Chatsworth comes in at No. 2 with revenues of $14.2 million. Company CEO David Burr cited technological advances and economic uncertainty as reasons that may have stalled potential business on the consulting side for the firm. But it should start to pick up, he said. “There are early indicators that customers are kind of returning to projects that they talked about a year or two ago, and it looks like those things might actually happen now,” he said. PCC reported revenues of $14.2 million. In regards to technological changes, including cloud computing, consulting firms will either have to roll with the punches and redevelop services or start to feel a negative impact, Burr said. No. 3-ranked CPI Solutions in Camarillo, with reported revenues of $13.9 million, has also witnessed “softness” in the market, said company President Arnie Friedman. But next year should be more positive, he added. “In IT services, specifically, most companies recognize that even when business is soft, the backbone of being prepared for the turn is having a good, solid IT infrastructure,” Friedman said. Rounding out the top five is No. 4-ranked Cal Net Technology Group in Northridge with revenues of $9.7 million and No. 5-ranked SADA Systems in North Hollywood with revenues of $6.5 million. David Cieslak, principal of No.6-ranked firm Arxis Technology, said cloud computing will require firms to rethink their focus. Cloud computing allows a user to access multiple resources through a digital network. “There are good benefits for end users, but for firms that have made a living on setting up systems, it will require a shift to support that,” he added. The Simi Valley-based firm reported revenues of $5.2 million. The remaining top 10 firms include No.7-ranked The Chip, Inc. in Santa Clarita with revenues of $4.1 million; No. 8-ranked The Wildcat Business Group in Santa Clarita with revenues of $3.6 million; No. 9-ranked The Tech Consultants, LLC in Woodland Hills with revenues of $2.1 million; and No. 10-ranked Altrul T in Mission Hills with revenues of $1.4 million. Download the 2011 SFV’s LARGEST IT CONSULTING FIRMS list (pdf)

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