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Magnets Charge Into Energy Field

Everyone’s been there. Looking for the right cord to fit your cell phone when in desperate need of a little power. A Camarillo company says it has just the fix. BuQu Tech, a spin-off of business-to-business battery supplier Battery-Biz Inc., has a new line of magnetized charging devices called Magnetyze. While such chargers aren’t exactly new, with Apple Inc. marketing a similar model for years, the fact that Magnetyze works for both Android and iPhones is novel. “You can share the dock, which is different,” said Shari Gibbons, the company’s chief operating officer. “Also, it allows for data sync in the same place that you are doing your charging.” The device currently works for iPhone 4 and 4S and most Android models. BuQu unveiled a prototype that will work for the iPhone 5 at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but Gibbons said that model won’t be available for purchase until later this year. Current system retails for $59.99, including the charging dock and a case that holds the phone. An extended battery option, which more than doubles the battery life, costs $89.99. While the system is available only through the company’s website, Gibbons said BuQu will launch sales on Amazon.com Inc.’s site next month and will be on shelves in big box retailers such as Best Buy Co. Inc. in the coming months. “There’s a big advantage with this,” she said. “When you upgrade your phone, you’re not looking at all new cords and accessories.” – Kelly Goff

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