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Teledyne Technologies Achieves Three Milestones

Teledyne Marine announced this week that it achieved three major milestones for the company.

This year Teledyne Webb Research, a part of Teledyne Marine, which is owned by Thousand Oaks aerospace, marine and digital imaging products manufacturer Teledyne Technologies Inc., will produce and ship its 10,000th advanced profiling Explorer float, or APEX.

In production since the 1990s, the APEX float has been deployed around the world to autonomously collect a variety of oceanographic data from the water over an extended period, according to a Teledyne release.

Teledyne Webb is also marking the production of its 1,000th Slocum glider, an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that uses variable-buoyancy propulsion instead of traditional propellers to collect long-duration, large-scale ocean measurements, the release said.

Slocum gliders have been successfully providing academic, commercial and defense customers with ocean monitoring and characterization for over two decades, the release added.

Lastly, the company said that it demonstrated its newest autonomous underwater vehicle, the Teledyne Gavia Osprey.

The Osprey is Teledyne’s new medium-sized AUV, which is built for long endurance missions (greater than 24 hours), deeper operations (up to 2,000 meters) and more sophisticated payloads to serve commercial and defense markets for deep water survey inspection and defense applications, according to the Teledyne release.

The milestone announcements were made on Wednesday. On Thursday, shares in Teledyne (TDY) closed down $2.84, or less than 1%, to $372.62 on the New York Stock Exchange, on a day when the Dow Jones closed down at a fraction of 1%.

Hannah Madans Welk
Hannah Madans Welk
Hannah Madans Welk is a managing editor at the Los Angeles Business Journal and the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. She previously covered real estate for the Los Angeles Business Journal. She has done work with publications including The Orange County Register, The Real Deal and doityourself.com.

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