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Palmdale Inn Under Evacuation Order

Palmdale officials on Tuesday issued the Palmdale Inn a notice to vacate after the motel amassed hundreds of state and municipal building code violations. The Los Angeles County Fire Department and City of Palmdale Building Official Bud Davis identified more than 400 structural, safety and health violations on the property, officials said. Guests of the inn were given 48 hours to vacate before they would be forcibly removed by sheriffs. The city has offered to provide them with temporary housing vouchers and food baskets through its South Antelope Valley Emergency Services program. “This is something that has built up over time and has become impossible to ignore,” Jim Purtee, Palmdale city manager, said in a prepared statement. “While it may seem like a strong-handed response, it pales in comparison to responding after-the-fact as we all recently witnessed in the tragedy in the warehouse in Oakland.” Formerly known as Mahli’s Inn, the 49-unit motel at 217 E. Palmdale Blvd. was built in 1986. It has changed hands multiple times in the 30 years since, according to CoStar Group Inc., and is currently owned by Palmdale Lodging LLC.

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