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Airborne Wireless Network Signs Development Agreement

Airborne Wireless Network has entered into an agreement with iNTELLICOM Technologies Inc. to support development and advancement of the company’s Infinitus Super Highway. The Simi Valley wireless network plans to use commercial aircraft as mini-satellites. The company has worked with iNTELLICOM since February 2017 to implement its patented technology on the Infinitus Super Highway. iNTELLICOM helped with the success of Airborne Wireless’ proof-of-flight concept test in May 2017 that used two Boeing 767s and established the ability of aircraft equipped with Infinitus Super Highway to act as airborne routers and repeaters by sending and receiving broadband signals. “Based upon the service provided by iNTELLICOM for the past 10 months, we have agreed to enter into a long-term formal agreement with iNTELLICOM and believe this relationship will enhance our engineering team,” Michael Warren, chief executive of Airborne Wireless, said in a statement. Shares of Airborne Wireless Network (ABWN) closed Tuesday down 4 cents or 2 percent to $1.94 on the over-the-counter market.

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