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Anderson Forecasts Years of Job Growth

The California economy will benefit from job growth and reduced unemployment in the next three years, according to the UCLA Anderson Forecast released Thursday. Total employment in the state is expected to grow 1.8 percent this year, 2.4 percent next year and 2.1 percent in 2016. The forecast predicts the state’s unemployment rate will drop from 7.7 percent this year to 6.8 percent next year and then 5.9 percent in 2016. Nevertheless, it will remain higher than the national unemployment rate, which the forecast predicts at 5.4 percent that year, the forecast said. The job gains will coincide with the state’s housing recovery, the report said. “While construction is still not a barn burner, and it is still not uniform across the state, we continue with our view that there will be a recovery in home construction,” said UCLA Anderson Forecast Senior Economist Jerry Nickelsburg in a statement.

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