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BioSolar Begins Development of Second Backsheet Product

Santa Clarita-based BioSolar Inc. announced today that it is beginning development of a second bio-based backsheet product, EcoBacksheet. The company recently completed certifications required for the commercial sale of BioBacksheet, the first such product for solar panels made from renewable materials, and has contracted with manufacturer Stevens Urethane for the product. “EcoBacksheet will incorporate much of the company’s proprietary knowledge accumulated during development of BioBacksheet, which is currently available for commercial sale,” said Stanley Levy, the company’s chief technology officer, in a prepared statement. “EcoBacksheet will incorporate a unique set of new materials and processing techniques to further reduce the cost of backsheet materials for PV panel manufacturers. EcoBacksheet is expected to appeal to a substantially wider range of PV panel applications due to its lower price point.” According to the company, it is now working closely with solar manufacturers to integrate BioBacksheet into their solar panels. A high thermal conductivity allows the product to draw heat away from solar cells rapidly, increasing the power output of the solar panel. “Our development team has proven its ability to successfully develop a unique product for the solar market,” said CEO David Lee, in a prepared statement. “Our goal is to leverage this core competency to develop a more extensive line of breakthrough products and materials for the rapidly growing solar market.” Kelly Goff

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