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Briefs: Spectrolab, Capstone Turbine

Solar cell and panel manufacturer Spectrolab Inc. announced on Wednesday the appointment of Tony Mueller as its president. Mueller replaces Troy Dawson as the head of the Sylmar-bases subsidiary of Boeing Co. Dawson had been president just short of three years and transferred over to another program within Boeing. Prior to Spectrolab, Mueller was director of spacecraft design at the Boeing Satellite Development Center in El Segundo. He also served as director for the 702 communication satellite product line. “Tony brings over 20 years of experience in program management and has a diverse portfolio of expertise,” said Craig Cooning, president of Network & Space Systems at Boeing. Spectrolab develops solar cells and panels for use on satellites and ground-based installations, in addition to making airborne searchlights. The company was founded by L.A. entrepreneur Alfred Mann in 1956 to make solar cells for the emerging aerospace industry. Capstone Turbine Corp. received an order for 25 microturbines from shale oil-and-gas producers in the western U.S. The Chatsworth alternative energy manufacturer secured the order through distributor Horizon Power Systems. The microturbines will be placed in the Eagle Ford, Permian and Barnett shales in Texas, the Mancos and San Juan shales in New Mexico and Wattenberg shale in central Colorado. The natural gas-fired microturbines are able to provide industrial-grade power to drilling operations that do not have access to the power grid. Capstone Chief Executive Darren Jamison said the order is an indicator that oil-and-gas producers are focusing on lowering operating costs as energy prices remain low. Shares closed down a penny to 56 cents on the Nasdaq.

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