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Could Valley Host MLS Soccer Team?

Local business leaders are lining up for a shot to bring a Major League Soccer team to the Valley. But much like when a European soccer powerhouse comes stateside to take on the hometown favorite, the odds are stacked against them. The Valley Industry & Commerce Association is working to gather support for the effort, but there are a number of significant challenges, including locations for a stadium and the low profile of the Valley. The Sherman Oaks group is specifically focused on Chivas USA, which was established by the league 10 years ago as the American outpost of a popular Mexican club. But the team never really caught on. “It is certainly an uphill battle,” acknowledged VICA President Stuart Waldman. “One of the problems is that there’s a thought that MLS teams should be in downtown areas. But the Valley isn’t Frisco, Texas. We’ve got to change the thought process of people.” Read the full story in the Sept. 22 edition of the Business Journal.

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