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Disney Opens Giant Shanghai Store

The biggest Walt Disney Co. store in the world isn’t at the company’s landmark Disneyland theme park in Anaheim or its sprawling Disney World resort in Florida: It’s in Shanghai’s financial district. The 9,257-square-foot retail bonanza, which opened Wednesday in Shanghai’s Lujiazui district, is the first store opened by the Burbank entertainment and media company in China. The store houses a 19-foot-tall replica of Disney’s Magic Kingdom Castle, a Marvel area with hand-sculpted statues of Iron Man and other comic book characters, and it connects to an outdoor plaza with Mickey Mouse-shaped landscaping. The store opened ahead of the new $5 billion Shanghai Disney resort, which is scheduled to open next year, and represents the company’s ongoing push to cash in on China’s growing consumer class. “Disney Store plays a critical role in how millions around the world experience our brand,” said Paul Candland, Walt Disney Company’s president of the Asia-Pacific region, in a statement.

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