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Encino’s uSamp launched new web-based survey tool

The Encino-based tech company uSamp has launched a free online platform that allows small and midsized businesses to build online surveys and target questions to specific audiences, the firm said Wednesday. The software, dubbed SurveyBuilder, allows businesses, nonprofits and others to build an unlimited number of online surveys and access the responses in “real time”, uSamp said in a news release. Users can target surveys to their own audience for free or can gain access to uSamp’s database of 6.5 million respondents on a “pay as you go basis.” Businesses can pick their audience by income, gender, marital status, the number of respondents and more. “SurveyBuilder provides quality market research for the masses — improving the speed of attaining survey respondents, simplifying the purchase process, and creating instant value to users,” said Matt Dusig, uSamp co-founder and chief executive said in a statement. The Valley-based company, which provides businesses with online tools to conduct research, was founded in 2008 and has offices throughout the United States and the world.

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