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FAA Moving on Helicopter Noise Problem

The Federal Aviation Administration is setting up a system to take complaints from the Valley and elsewhere in Los Angeles County about helicopter noise, a problem that has generated political pressure on the agency. Although details of the complaint system were still be worked out, the move was praised on Monday by Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Burbank, who called it a significant development in bringing relief to county residents who live near areas where helicopters operate, including the Van Nuys Airport in the San Fernando Valley. Setting up a complaint system was among the measures included in a report from May 2013 by the FAA outlining steps the agency could take to address helicopter noise. “Collecting this data may give us a benchmark to work from and identify those who lack regard for residents on the ground — and I’m looking forward to working with the operators, homeowners and the FAA to make sure that we meet the urgent need for noise relief,” Schiff said in a prepared statement. The issue of helicopter noise has been one that Schiff and other federal lawmakers have been trying to tackle for more than three years as complaints by residents have stacked up from the San Fernando Valley and Hollywood Hills, and from audience members at the Hollywood Bowl. In January, Schiff and Sen. Dianne Feinstein added to an FAA spending bill a provision requiring the FAA to take more action over a 12-month period to reduce helicopter noise in Los Angeles County. Last year, Schiff and other Valley area legislators re-introduced the Los Angeles Residential Helicopter Noise Relief Act to force the FAA the set regulations on helicopter operations but it failed for a second time in Congress.

Mark Madler
Mark Madler
Mark R. Madler covers aviation & aerospace, manufacturing, technology, automotive & transportation, media & entertainment and the Antelope Valley. He joined the company in February 2006. Madler previously worked as a reporter for the Burbank Leader. Before that, he was a reporter for the City News Bureau of Chicago and several daily newspapers in the suburban Chicago area. He has a bachelor’s of science degree in journalism from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

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