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Gridtest Lands More Customers With Testing Equipment

Gridtest Systems Inc. announced that its testing equipment is being used by 19 new customers including electric vehicle charging station manufacturers, independent labs, and installers. The Westlake Village-based firm’s testing device has been used on 40 different brands of electric vehicle charging stations, according to company officials. The new customers include Argonne National Laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory, Powertech, OpConnect, Entrance Controls, Mainpine, and the United States Department of Energy. “Our test set is an intuitive, one-touch tool that verifies and tracks the correct operation of EV charging stations in the lab or in the field, without the need of an actual EV present, saving time and money while alleviating safety concerns,” Gridtest CEO Neal Roche said in a prepared statement. The startup moved in April to Westlake Village from a tech incubator space in Los Angeles. Funding from investment groups Pasadena Angels and Tech Coast Angels, and several other private investors, enabled the move. Mark R. Madler

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