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Improper Labels Lead to PROLAB Nutrition Recall

Chatsworth-based PROLAB Nutrition, Inc. recently recalled some of its products that may contain wheat and gluten allergens. The sports nutrition company last week initiated the recall after being informed by manufacturer, Nature’s Products Inc. that the products were not properly labeled and did not reveal the presence of wheat and gluten allergens. The affected products were distributed both nationally and internationally. Although no illnesses or discomfort have been reported to date, an allergic reaction to wheat and gluten allergens can lead to serious and sometimes life-threatening results. “PROLAB values consumers and their health, and it is the company’s goal to accurately convey what its products contain in order to ensure that consumers’ health is protected at the highest possible level,” said Jenia Khudagulyan, chief operating officer for PROLAB’s parent company, Natrol Inc., in a written statement. Khudagulyan said the company discovered that some PROLAB protein items were not properly labeled for wheat and gluten allergen content, and “immediately took precautionary measures” by recalling the products, which “will be re-released at a later date with corrected labels.” Angela Melero

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