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Influxis Partners With Teradek for Cellphone Video

Valencia-based server operator Influxis is partnering with Irvine-based video hardware producer Teradek LLC to streamline the process of distributing video content via cellular networks. Influxis began as a Flash Media Server host in 2002 and has since expanded to offer video services for use with gaming, in the classroom, or at businesses. Teradek makes equipment for filmmaking, live video production and broadcast distribution. Under the deal, Influxis’ Sputnik Server software and Teradek hardware will deliver video to mobile devices and computers. “Sputnik is a powerful signal management tool and we are excited to host and support it,” said Richard Blakely, chief executive of Influxis, in a statement. Teradek Chief Executive Nicol Verheem, is confident in Influxis’ position in the streaming media industry. “By partnering with Influxis, our two companies can now provide a seamless end-to-end solution for broadcasting directly to the Internet from nearly any location with cellular coverage,” Verheem said in a statement. “Influxis has always been a leader in the streaming media space and we believe they are taking the entire industry forward by providing their clients with solutions that are at the bleeding edge of technology.”

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