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Lancaster Announces Second Solar Project

With construction now completed on a 16-acre solar farm in Lancaster, officials from that city, US Topco and SolarCity Corp. announced Wednesday a second solar project. The completed solar farm will generate 4 megawatts of electricity from 14,000 ground-mounted solar panels. Southern California Edison will pay for the electricity the project generates and feed it directly into the local utility grid. Revenue will be shared among the partners. The second project on 9 acres is made up of a 2.3-megawatt array comprising 7,440 ground-mounted solar panels. As with the first project, SolarCity of San Mateo will design, build and operate the solar farm. US Topco, owned by Taiwanese firm Topco Scientific, is the developer of the project and supplies the panels. The city supplies the land. Lancaster has worked with SolarCity since 2010 to bring solar installations to businesses and residences in the city, as well as at such city-owned facilities as city hall, Lancaster Performing Arts Center and the minor league baseball stadium. The city partnered with US Topco in 2011 on the joint development of solar projects. The city is excited to see its partnership with U.S. Topco and SolarCity expanding, said Lancaster City Councilman Ron Smith. “Our city is able to maximize our citizens’ trust by collaborating with private-sector companies specializing in various endeavors key to our community,” Smith said in a prepared statement.

Mark Madler
Mark Madler
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