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Magic Mountain Announces New Coaster

Six Flags Magic Mountain unveiled plans Thursday to revamp its famous Colossus roller coaster and turn it into a hybrid coaster, Twisted Colossus, which will open next spring. The 36-year old wooden roller coaster closed less than two weeks ago at the Valencia theme park. Now, construction is underway to add on to the wooden structure with an iron steel track. With the transformed design, Twisted Colossus is a four-minute ride with 5,000 feet of track, making it the longest hybrid coaster in the world, the company said. The ride will feature a Top Gun Stall with inversions where the train slows down upside down, a High Five element where two trains pass through an overbanked turn facing each other and creating the illusion that riders can reach out and high five one another. Then there will be a Zero G roll, where the track twists 360 degrees, as well as a 128-foot drop at 80 degrees, 18 airtime hills and two lift hills. “At Six Flags, innovation is in our DNA and with Twisted Colossus, innovation will go to an extreme level with record-breaking elements, faster speeds and steeper banks,” said Bonnie Rabjohn, park president, in a statement. “This cutting-edge technology marries the best of both classic and modern coaster designs. It is definitely a twist on a traditional wooden coaster experience.” Magic Mountain regularly adds rides each season to attract new customers and retain old ones. Its latest addition in June was an upgrade to its Bugs Bunny World rollercoaster, which marked it as the amusement park with the most children’s rides in the country with four kiddie coasters. The park is also home to 19 full-size roller coasters. Magic Mountain is owned by Six Flags Entertainment Corp., a publicly traded company in Grand Prairie, Texas.

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