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MultiCorp International Adds New Executive

Sun Valley-based MultiCorp International Inc. announced today that it has added Tibor Fischl as its new Director of Renewable Energy and New Projects. The move comes as the company looks to diversify its interests and expand beyond the healthcare market that has been its base. “Mr.Fischl brings his vast experience and expertise in renewable energy and agribusiness to MultiCorp and will work closely with the company to develop and implement strategies in renewable energy and sustainable energy projects that can be marketed and sold immediately to farmers, growers, governments, municipalities, cities and towns throughout the U.S. as well as other countries looking for renewable and sustainable clean energy solutions and agribusiness products,” said Paul D. Lisenby, CEO, in a prepared statement. MultiCorp, which finalized a name change in August, was previously known as Xtend Medical Corp. and provided healthcare and wellness products to hospitals and managed care companies. MultiCorp’s wholly owned subsidiaries include Rivalz Sports Group, which operates sports radio stations, and JoyFull Genius, Inc., a music production company. Kelly Goff

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