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NetSol Industries Expands Reach in China

NetSol Technologies, the Calabasas-based IT application solutions company, announced today that it has further expanded into the Chinese market with Chongquing Auto Finance Group’s launch of the company’s Finance Suite. “We congratulate and wish all our best to CQAFC for becoming a pioneer state-owned company in west China,” said Naeem Ghauri, NetSol’s president and head of global sales, in a prepared statement. “Going live is among the initial steps of our long-term partnership. NetSol will support CQ for all future endeavors in becoming a leading auto financing company in China.” NetSol completed the implementation in four months for the west China auto finance company to conduct leasing of a variety of auto brands using the company’s products. “We are confident that we have made the right choice in selecting NetSol as our long term partner to achieve our future business goals,” said Li Bo, chairman of CQAFC, in a statement. The move increases NetSol’s presence in the Asian market, with more than 10 installations of its product now complete in China. Kelly Goff

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