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NetZero Giving Free Wireless Data to Facebook Members

United Online subsidiary NetZero Wireless announced the launch of a new program today that will allow Facebook users to receive one free gigabyte of wireless data per month to give away to friends. Under the program, any U.S.-based Facebook user can signup on NetZero’s website and then share the wireless data through the company’s data share app with NetZero mobile broadband subscribers. “This program has the potential to deliver an enormous amount of free data at 4G speed to NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband subscribers to use online without being tethered to a home Internet or public Wi-Fi connection,” said Rusty Taragan, president of the Woodland Hills-based company, in a prepared statement. To use the free data, participants must subscribe to one of NetZero’s mobile broadband plans and purchase either the NetZero 4G Stick or hotspot connection device. Kelly Goff

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