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Patricia Disney Dies at 77; Made Providence St. Joseph’s Cancer Center Possible

Patricia Ann Disney, matriarch of the family whose $10 million donation helped make the cancer center that bears her name at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center a reality, died this morning. She was 77. Disney, who lived in Toluca Lake, had been in failing health for several months, said family members who were with her when she passed away at her home. Among her legacies is the Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center at Providence Saint Joseph in Burbank. The comprehensive outpatient center opened in 2010, a few months after the death of Roy E. Disney. “All of us at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center are profoundly saddened to learn we have lost Patricia Disney, a wonderful and compassionate woman who shared our vision to provide the best possible care for cancer patients,” Barry Wolfman, chief executive of Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center said in a statement. “She and her family have left our community a tremendous gift, a cancer center that provides compassionate care to patients at their most vulnerable. Her contributions are evident within the walls of this center, a place of healing. Our prayers are with Patricia’s family, as is our gratitude.” The Disney family donation sparked more contributions from the community to ensure the project was completed. Indeed the center was paid for mostly by donations, including $1 million from Roy P. Disney and his wife, Sheri, who paid for the integrative medicine center. The entire center cost $36 million to build. Disney, a native of New Orleans, and Roy E. Disney, nephew of Walt Disney, had four children. “Patty Disney was a remarkable woman,” Theresa Meyers, vice president and executive director of the Providence Saint Joseph Foundation said in a statement. “Through her generosity and that of her family she quite literally saved lives. The Roy and Patricia Disney family contributed the seed funding that built our one-of-a-kind cancer center at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, a place that bears their name in perpetuity as a tribute to their compassion for individuals.” Judy Temes

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