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Sauer Installs Wind Turbines on Headquarters

Sauer Energy Inc. has installed two of its vertical-axis wind turbines on the roof of its headquarters in Camarillo in a demonstration of its commitment to wind energy. Sauer moved into the Ventura County location in August. The company’s WindCharger turbine was made for small-scale renewal energy and has a footprint of about one square yard on an average use. It can be used on residential homes, industrial and agricultural buildings, and schools. “We believe, wholeheartedly, that the WindCharger can be financially successful, while being socially responsible and environmentally sensitive at all times,” said company President and CEO Dieter Sauer in a prepared statement. “Reliability is the cornerstone of our design.” The WindCharger is currently being tested in Mexico by telecommunication company ENRCOM for use on cell phone towers in Mexico, Central and South America. Mark R. Madler

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