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Statewide Condom Law Targets Adult Shoots

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is raising the stakes in its battle against the adult industry, sponsoring an Assembly bill that would mandate the use of condoms in porn shoots statewide. The bill, introduced by Assemblyman Isadore Hall, D-Compton, would expand Measure B, an initiative passed by L.A. County voters in November. The measure requires adult studios to acquire public health permits for shoots and follow workplace health law, including using condoms on set. “Until today, no legislator in Sacramento has had the courage to step forward to author and carry such a bill,” said AIDS Healthcare President Michael Weinstein, during a Thursday news conference. “We thank Assemblymember Hall for demonstrating that courage – and the vision to recognize that workers in the adult film industry are entitled to the same safeguards and worker protections that any employee in California is.” The move by the Los Angeles health care provider comes as Vivid Entertainment, a leading adult production company, pursues a federal lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of Measure B. The Universal City studio said the bill violates actors’ freedom of speech and expression rights. The studio is seeking an injunction to halt the implementation of Measure B.

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